2024 Summer Release

June 30, 2024
Buildforce Team

Buildforce 2024 Summer Release

Electrical specialty contractors and their electrical workforces trust Buildforce as their partner in hiring for and managing electrical work every day.

Over the course of this year, our team has worked very hard to develop and release updates to our services, which we’re so proud to be releasing now! Our goal is to continuously improve Buildforce so that we can continue to be your trusted partner during times of high demand and multiple project starts, as well as slower weeks when office administration and future planning are your priorities.

Here’s an update on what we’ve been working on to make the Buildforce platform even more beneficial to those dedicated to a career in the construction trades.

Report on and export time

We are pleased to announce that the Buildforce platform now includes a comprehensive time reporting function. This feature allows you to view detailed time reports for your W2 workforce as well as any Buildforce electricians you have recruited.

Time reporting shows you logged hours by date range and broken down by project as well as regular vs overtime hours, making it clear what your total labor costs are based on where and how all working hours are spent.

Conveniently, you can also export this data by exporting reports as a CSV.

Project board enhancements

You can now hide and show selected projects from the main project board view. This makes your workspace cleaner and easier to navigate, especially when you manage several projects at once.

We also added a feature that lets you see which workers are currently unaccounted for, which makes it easier to keep track of the live status of your field. Now you can quickly see which workers haven’t clocked in so you can contact the site supervisor to inquire about their starting status for the day.

Schedule future transfers

A new feature has been added to the transfer form that lets you select a "start date" for the transfer. This means that you can plan your transfers ahead of time.

In the event that you change your mind about a transfer that you had planned for a later date, you can cancel it. This feature gives you the freedom to manage your employees in a way that fits your changing needs.

As we head into the summer season, we are excited to keep you updated on everything Buildforce. We look forward to introducing even more product updates this year.

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