We have your back

Our exceptional support team will be here for you from the time you sign up, throughout your electrical career, and at every step in between.

How we're here for you

Your guide to success at Buildforce

We'll ensure you end up in a job right for you, your first day is a success, and Buildforce expectations are clear. We can also answer questions regarding your paycheck, tax forms, and anything else needing clarification.

Get help within minutes

We're available from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.  We respond to 96% of messages in under an hour. Our average reply time is within 12 minutes.

We support your career growth

We advocate for you and want to see you grow as an electrician. We track hours towards becoming a Journeyman, use your performance to advocate for pay increases, and are here to help guide you throughout your journey as an electrician.

Meet your support team

Brittany Conard
Head of Marketplace Ops
Patricia Almazan
Senior Talent Operations Manager
Luis Garza
Senior Talent Operations Manager
Diana Zamudio
Senior Customer Experience Associate
Devan Edwards
Customer Experience Team Lead
Melvin Valle
Customer Experience Associate

Have your own support team

Join thousands of electricians that are supported throughout their electrical career by joining Buildforce.

Have questions about
Buildforce support?

Does the support team speak Spanish?

Most of our support team is bilingual. If you need assistance in Spanish and the first team member doesn't speak Spanish, they will promptly connect you with a teammate who can.

What is the quickest way to get ahold of the support team?

The fastest way to get ahold of us is by tapping "Get Help" in the Buildforce app. We respond to 96% of messages in under an hour. Our normal reply time is 12 minutes or less.

When is the Buildforce Support team available?

We're available from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.