How Dailey Company Overcame Recruitment Delays and Secured Qualified Workers

Agustin Pacheco · Project Manager


In the fast-paced world of electrical contracting, Dailey faced a significant challenge: where do you go when labor demands suddenly spike and you need to fill positions quickly? Dailey Company, serving College Station and Houston, has a rich history rooted in hard work, integrity, and customer service. Founded by Chris Dailey, who started as an electrician at a young age and later established Dailey Electric in 2003, the company has since expanded to Houston in 2010 and Austin in 2017, evolving into Dailey Company, Inc. Their diverse services now include large-project electrical contracting and residential services, spanning electrical, HVAC, and plumbing.

When labor demands increased, traditional hiring practices did not meet Daily Company’s recruitment needs. Dailey faced a unique combination of challenges as market dynamics shifted and the demand for a consistent, skilled workforce increased. Dailey was looking for reliable people to work with for the long haul. They used to find people through Internal Electrical Contractors (IEC). But lately, “it's been harder to get guys to commit to a job.” They also considered in-house hiring, but quickly realized that the time required to carry out this process would not be worthwhile.

We took a look at the time it would take to internally hire for a project and it was difficult to swallow that time. Buildforce offered a faster solution which was an immediate value-add.


The choice to work with Buildforce came from an increased workload. Dailey had steady projects coming in and out, even though estimating slowed down a bit. They wanted to keep their team busy and found that Buildforce helped them do that faster than their usual two-hour hiring process.  Dailey worked directly with a dedicated Buildforce Houston Account Executive as a direct line of communication and support needs.

Hunter’s customer service was great. Whenever we got in contact with him, it never took more than a couple of days to get the right guys for our projects at Dailey Company.

Due of Dailey's ability to consistently and swiftly hire qualified electricians in response to demand, its management team is free to concentrate on other important duties. As a result, Dailey Company not only meets project timelines efficiently but also optimizes operational costs, creating a more streamlined and cost-effective approach to workforce management.


With Buildforce as a trusted ally, Dailey experienced a transformation in hiring dynamics. The Lone Star project was a testament to this partnership. It saw a peak workforce of 19 electricians, with 15 sourced through Buildforce. The technology-driven approach not only boosted efficiency but also ensured the quality of the workforce matched the industry's high standards.

Dailey accepted 89% of Buildforce worker offers and logged over 14,000 hours in 2023.

The streamlined approval and recruiting process, combined with Buildforce's commitment to understanding Dailey's unique needs, set them apart from other staffing options. The intuitive platform, accessible via computer, phone, and tablet. It provided flexibility and convenience, allowing Dailey to reliably approve time even from remote locations.

In a workforce landscape where time is currency, Buildforce proved invaluable. More than just a staffing solution; Buildforce addressed immediate challenges and positioned Dailey for sustained success in an ever-evolving industry. With an efficient hiring process, simple technology, and a responsive team, Buildforce continues to be a partner in Dailey Company's pursuit of service excellence.

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