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Access to high-quality jobs

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How does Buildforce assess workers?

Electricians complete a 15-question assessment to evaluate their skills, experience, and ability to do electrical work. Following this, each worker undergoes a 30-minute interview with a Buildforce recruiter knowledgeable in the electrical industry, allowing for a deeper evaluation of their expertise. We then conduct a background check, verify employment eligibility, and confirm that their licenses and certifications are valid. This process ensures each worker is ready for your job site.

Does Buildforce drug test electricians?

We handle drug testing on a case-by-case basis. While we do not perform routine drug tests, we are fully equipped to conduct them when necessary. This approach allows us to ensure a safe and professional environment for both our electrical specialty contractors and electricians, maintaining our commitment to high standards of service and safety.

Does Buildforce run background checks on electricians?

Yes, we run a background check through for every electrician that is in the field.

Is Buildforce a staffing firm?

While Buildforce operates similarly to a construction staffing firm, we go beyond by tracking data on electricians (attendance, reviews, and GPS time-tracking) and streamlining interactions for a more efficient and informed hiring experience.

Can you run certified payroll?

Yes, we run certified payroll reports for prevailing wage projects by filling out Form WH-347 on a weekly basis. This is to ensure compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act and other prevailing wage laws, which are designed to guarantee fair wages for workers on federally-funded construction projects.