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Have an ally in safeguarding profits, upholding your reputation, and a competitive advantage during bidding.

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Bid with confidence, win bigger projects

You’ll have thousands of contractor reviewed, short-term or temp-to-hire electricians in your back pocket.

Insure your reputation

Buildforce Player Cards, featuring hours worked, attendance, All-Star status, and more, ensure hiring qualified electricians becomes the norm, allowing you and your team to select the best to keep projects on time and within budget.

Insure your reputation
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Control your labor cost

Our time reporting tools empower you and your team to control labor costs on construction projects by ensuring accurate and efficient tracking of work hours.

Boost team efficiency

Our collaborative tools seamlessly connect field and office staff, providing real-time updates and data for informed decision-making, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

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Can my team track time and payroll with Buildforce?

Yes, we offer both time-tracking and payroll in one place. You no longer need multiple-point solutions to track time and run payroll.

How much does Buildforce Software cost?

Buildforce software for staffing electricians is free. Managing your own W-2 electricians on Buildforce is $99/month + $9/worker.