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Receive job alerts, apply to jobs you like, and get contractor responses within 72 hours.

Over 1,000 workers have found a job using the Buildforce App.

A companion to being successful on-site

You'll have everything you need to succeed on-site, from steady communication and directions to job specifics like on-site contacts.

Transparent paystubs

You can count on being paid every Friday, with easy access to your paystubs in the Buildforce App.

Never have to track down tax forms again

Our tax center makes it easy to add, update, and receive your tax forms, so tracking down tax forms and filing your tax return is as easy as viewing your pay stubs.

Your profile gets you the next job

As you work, you're building your profile and unlocking the next job to stay consistently working. We track projects you've worked on, attendance rate, and who would rehire you so that you are showcased at your best next time you need a job.

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Have questions about
the Buildforce App?

Is the Buildforce app available in Spanish?

Yes, the Buildforce app will be translated to Spanish if your device settings are in Spanish.

Can I upload my resume in the Buildforce app?

You can't currently upload your resume in the Buildforce app. You can create your profile in less than 5 minutes. If you'd like to send in a resume instead, email support@buildforce.com.

Is the Buildforce app free?

Yes, the Buildforce app is free. We don't charge our electricians any fees.

How often does the Buildforce app get updated?

We typically update the Buildforce app 1-2 times per month.

Is the Buildforce App available on iOS and Android?

Yes, you can download the Buildforce app on both Android and iOS. Click here to get started.