Location based time-tracking that can't be fooled

Our GPS and project schedule-based time-tracking saves your team time and money by accurately recording workers time.

Over 650,000 hours accurately tracked


electrical specialty contractors trust Buildforce time & attendance tracking

Accurate time becomes the norm

GPS clock-ins and clock-outs with mandatory notes for discrepancies ensure electricians are only logging time when on-site.

Approving time is quick and easy

You'll have a log of GPS clock-in and clock-out locations and time edits for easy approval and adjustments.

Electricians find the app easy-to-use

Electricians rate the Buildforce app 4.7/5 stars on Google Play and the App Store and have logged over 650,000 hours.

Integrate with your tools

Seamlessly sync time with software you use everyday so that you can more easily focus on the field, not keeping your systems in sync.

Keep projects on track with our reporting tools

Breakdown time by week and project, and quickly export time to CSV.

Ready to track time with Buildforce?

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