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Your projects demand a lot. Your partners and software shouldn't. Keep your projects on schedule and budget by taking advantage of all the capabilities Buildforce offers.

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When you join Buildforce, you gain access to thousands of qualified electricians. Start planning your next bid with Buildforce in your back pocket, scale up quickly to meet project demands, and have the piece of mind that your labor will be there when you need it.

Streamline by embracing our easy-to-use platform

The Buildforce platform make it easier for you and your team to manage electricians by providing easy-to-use tools.

Drive increased efficiency by bringing your W-2 field employees

Experience the full benefits of Buildforce by directly managing your electricians on our platform

Centralize hiring and workforce management by bring your W-2 workforce

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Join 250+ specialty subcontractors that are seeing more successful project outcomes with Buildforce.

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Do I have to use Buildforce software for my W-2 electricians?

No, it is an optional upgrade to bring your own W-2 electricians to Buildforce.

Are Buildforce software tools included with hiring Buildforce Electricians?

Yes, Buildforce software tools are included for free when you hire our electricians. The tools are designed to streamline managing Buildforce electricians and make partnering with Buildforce a breeze.