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Construction staffing agencies make it easier to fill gaps in your workforce by giving you access to a larger pool of skilled tradespeople, speeding up the hiring process, and saving you money over hiring employees directly. But how do you pick the best staffing company for your electrical business?

Read on to see how Buildforce and Eco-Staff stack up. We’ll compare these two businesses trades served, vetting processes, and locations so you can choose the best option for your staffing needs.

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Fees 40% mark up on hourly wage 40% mark up on hourly wage
Buildforce software tools are included for free when you hire Buildforce electricians. The tools are designed to make managing electricians easier. Additional tools starting at x/month + $5/mo per user.
Setup fee Free
Texas Houston, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio Houston, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio
Arizona Phoenix, Tucson
Georgia Atlanta
North Carolina Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham
Florida Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa

What to consider when choosing a staffing provider?

Is pricing transparent?

Make sure that the staffing solution you pick has clear pricing that includes all the important features and doesn't charge extra for anything you don't need. The best construction staffing agency will offer a complete solution that fits your needs.

Can the provider offer project-specific matches?

Not all construction projects are the same, requiring not only qualified tradespeople but also ones who are well-informed about the job site and its requirements. Your staffing agency should ask for these details so they can match workers with the right jobs.

What is the vetting process?

When you hire someone from a construction staffing agency, it shouldn't be hard to vet them and get them up to speed. Look for providers that make the process easier by offering expert onboarding support. This will make sure that the move to your project sites goes smoothly.

Is getting support easily accessible?

Support that is easy to reach is essential for improving how your workforce works. Make sure that the staffing provider you choose offers immediate help through online tools, email, chat, or the phone, so that you have support at every step of the way.

Comparison details: Buildforce vs. Eco-Staff, LLC


Buildforce staffing centers around an online platform and mobile app that enables contractors to directly access and hire pre-vetted construction tradespeople, primarily electricians. You can think of Buildforce as an electrician temp agency that also provides administrative services like payroll, time tracking, workers' compensation insurance, and employee benefits (health insurance, 401k, etc.) for tradespeople classified as W-2 employees. Buildforce’s model doesn't add on extra fees you would see at a traditional temp staffing agency with similar staffing support services.

Eco-Staff has a traditional staffing agency model, leveraging their connections across multiple industries to source and place skilled workers for their clients' staffing needs. Eco-staff maintains a talent pool of pre-screened candidates, conducts interviews and assessments, and matches qualified workers to open positions based on their clients requirements.

Trades served

Buildforce's sole focus is on staffing commercial electricians in order to provide the best possible service to electrical subcontractors.

Eco-Staff is a full-service staffing company that has been operating in Texas for over 20 years. They provide employment solutions and staffing services across various industries, including skilled craftsmen, low-voltage, oil & gas, light industrial, professional, administrative/clerical, and direct hire & contract services.


Buildforce has developed its own proprietary, in-house built software platform and suite of tools to power its marketplace and services for the construction industry. Buildforce offers an integrated software platform and mobile app that provide a marketplace for contractors to find and hire pre-screened electricians. It also provides tools for managing workers including GPS time tracking approval and monitoring attendance, processing payroll, and integrations with other software.

Eco-Staff utilizes Avionte Staffing Software to deliver their staffing services to their customers. Avionté staffing software provides a comprehensive platform that contains the entire staffing lifecycle, includes automations, mobile access, and business intelligence tools, all while allowing agencies to reinforce their brand identity through white labeling.


Buildforce operates in and around several major cities across Texas, including:

  • Houston located at 2000 Edwards St Suite B100, Houston, TX 77007
  • Austin located at 2815 Manor Rd Suite 204, Austin, TX 78722
  • Dallas-Fort Worth at Common Desk - 14555 Dallas Pkwy, Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75254
  • San Antonio

Eco-Staff operates within several major cities across Texas, including:

  • Dallas-Fort Worth located at 2727 Lbj Freeway, Suite 100 Dallas, Texas 75234
  • Austin located at 7801 N. Lamar, Suite D-78 Austin, Texas 78752
  • San Antonio located at 84 NE Interstate Loop 410, Suite 330 San Antonio, Texas 78216
  • Houston located at 7400 Gulf Freeway, Houston, Texas 77017

Vetting process

With Buildforce contractors can review detailed profiles of workers, including data on their experience, attendance, reviews from other contractors, and more. This allows for a more informed and faster hiring process between contractors and electricians. Electricians go through skills assessments, interviews, background checks, and license/certification verification by Buildforce.

Eco-Staff has a strong vetting process in place to thoroughly screen and evaluate candidates before placing them with clients.

Customer Service

Support team

Buildforce support is available from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.  They respond to 96% of messages in under an hour, with an average reply time within 12 minutes. Most of Buildforce’s support team is bilingual. If your workers need assistance in Spanish and the first team member doesn't speak Spanish, they will promptly connect them with a teammate who can.

Eco-staff, does not explicitly state having dedicated support hours and response times. Eco-Staff does pride itself on delivering high-quality professional services and customer satisfaction by understanding and fulfilling their clients' comprehensive staffing needs, as well as the career needs of job candidates.

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