Field Operations

How often does Buildforce invoice?

We invoice after we confirm electrician's time every week. Many of our customers prefer to receive separate invoices for each project to aid with job costing.

Do you provide PPE?

Yes, we provide Buildforce workers with all required PPE to ensure their safety, including hard hats, gloves, and vests, among other essentials.

How does Buildforce assess workers?

Electricians complete a 15-question assessment to evaluate their skills, experience, and ability to do electrical work. Following this, each worker undergoes a 30-minute interview with a Buildforce recruiter knowledgeable in the electrical industry, allowing for a deeper evaluation of their expertise. We then conduct a background check, verify employment eligibility, and confirm that their licenses and certifications are valid. This process ensures each worker is ready for your job site.

Can I track time and payroll with Buildforce?

Yes, we offer both time-tracking and payroll in one place. You no longer need multiple-point solutions to track time and run payroll.

How much does Buildforce Software cost?

Buildforce software for staffing electricians is free. Managing your own W-2 electricians on Buildforce is $99/month + $9/worker.