Electrical Work. When and where you want. At the pay you deserve.

We exist to help create better careers for electricians in the construction space. Download our Buildforce app today to get started on your new career journey.

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An electrician connecting wires

Why electricians are joining Buildforce

New opportunities

From conduit bending to panel makeup, from hospitals to school projects, electricians pick up new skills and work on a variety of project-types through Buildforce

Consistent work

We give you access to projects with dozens of electrical contractors across hundreds of projects.

Competitive pay

We know what electricians deserve to make. So we ensure every electrician’s pay is competitive.


What electricians say about Buildforce

It’s amazing that I can rely on Buildforce to help me get back and forth between projects with various contractors. With temp agencies, it might have taken them a week or more to help me get working again. But you were able to get me on a new project instantly.

Andrew M.
Andrew M.

Austin, TX

5 Stars Rating

You’re the first company to pay serious attention to my safety before sending me out, asking me if I had a lock for lock out tag out. I’ll wear the Buildforce brand proudly!

Thomas W.
Thomas W.

Houston, TX

5 Stars Rating

Y’all are just a great company to work for and will continue to be my home team on my journey in the electrical trade. Thank you!

Carl S.
Carl S.

College Station, TX

5 Stars Rating

How to get started with Buildforce

Download the Buildforce Mobile app

Download the Buildforce Mobile App and take 15 minutes to set up your profile.

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Complete an intro call

After you’ve signed up, a Buildforce team member will call you to conduct a 30 minute interview.

Choose projects to work on
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Once you’ve been Buildforce Verified by our Talent Operations team, select the construction project you want to work on and get to work.

Here’s how we’ve helped electricians in the past year


Electricians joined Buildforce


Earned by electricians this year


Hours worked on the platform


Projects completed by Buildforce electricians


How do I clock in?

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Clocking with Buildforce is easy. Once on a project, navigate to the “My jobs” tab in the Buildforce mobile app. You’ll see a large yellow “Clock in” button, as well as other details about your project like location and supervisor contact information. If you accidentally clocked in or out at the wrong time, no worries - you can always adjust your time at the end of the day. At the end of the week, we will ask you to approve or edit your hours for the week and then share those with your supervisor.

Note: Only clock in once you are physically on the project. The Buildforce Mobile App also collects your location at clock-in and clock-out, and our team will flag clock-ins outside of the project area as potential fraudulent activity.

How long do projects last?

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Project durations vary from a week up to six months or more. You will be able to view the project duration on any given project in the Buildforce Mobile App before accepting the project. You can also always reach out to a team member for additional information. 

How much will I get paid?

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Your pay rate is a function of three main criteria: your experience in the trade, your performance during our skills assessment process, and your performance on the projects we place you on. Electricians who show up on time, work hard, communicate well with our team, and respect others tend to see a steady increase in their wages over time.

Note: Overtime is determined based on productivity. Electricians who show consistent excellence on projects will tend to be awarded overtime.

What happens after this project ends?

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This is the power of working for Buildforce. Because we have hundreds of projects happening with dozens of contractors in your area at any given point in time, as soon as your project is complete we will share new project opportunities that match your skills and experience level. And you can always check in directly with a Buildforce team member by calling or texting us!

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