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It’s amazing that I can rely on Buildforce to help me get back and forth between projects with various contractors. With traditional temp agencies, it might have taken them a week or more to help me get working again. But Buildforce was able to get me on a new project instantly.
Beau Pollock
Andrew M.
Trio Electric · Houston, Texas
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do projects last?

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Project durations vary from a week up to six months or more. You will be able to view the project duration on any given project in the Buildforce Mobile App before accepting the project. You can also always reach out to a team member for additional information. 

How much will I get paid?

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Your pay rate is a function of three main criteria: your experience in the trade, your performance during our skills assessment process, and your performance on the projects we place you on. Electricians who show up on time, work hard, communicate well with our team, and respect others tend to see a steady increase in their wages over time.

What happens after a project ends?

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As soon as your project ends, we'll send you new job opportunities in the Buildforce app. You can apply like you did when you onboarded to Buildforce and get the next project all through the Buildforce app.

What benefits do you offer?

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You can learn about all of the benefits Buildforce has to offer here