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Benefits of Buildforce

Regularly discover new job opportunities

Over 500 tradesmen have found a job with Buildforce with that number growing everyday. We'll notify you of new jobs regularly and contractors can discover your profile at any time and send you a job offer.

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Reduced time to getting electricians on-site
Request electricians

We'll immediately dispatch your job to over 4,000 electricians. We aim to have a qualified electrician on-site within 48 hours of your request.

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Simple transparent selection
Your Buildforce profile helps you get the next job

As you work, you're building your profile and unlocking the next job to stay consistently working.

Simple and transparent selection process
Simple transparent process

We collect more data on a worker than any traditional staffing firm and share it directly with you. This makes choosing an electrician that best fits your needs easier than ever.

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Pay is competitive and always on-time

We do our best to ensure contractors are paying competitively on Buildforce, and we get you paid on time. We have never missed a payday in the history of Buildforce. You'll be paid every Friday, every single time.

Manage your temp workforce
Manage your temp workforce in a single hub
Manage your temp workforce

You'll have visibility into who is starting soon, who is on-site and clocked-in, and the ability to approve hours worked from the previous week.

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What Andrew is saying about Buildforce
It’s amazing that I can rely on Buildforce to help me get back and forth between projects with various contractors. With traditional temp agencies, it might have taken them a week or more to help me get working again. But you were able to get me on a new project instantly.
Beau Pollock
Andrew Matula
Trio Electric · Houston, Texas
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