Electrical Staffing: 
A Better Way to Hire Electricians

Forget unreliable electrical staffing agencies. Buildforce makes hiring fast, easy, and cost-efficient, with vetted electrical workers you can count on.

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Buildforce’s tools give me total control over my temp workers. They’re easy to use, I don’t have to deal with the back-and-forth of a temp staffing agency, and they give me the info I need to get the project done fast and efficiently.

David V. at Capp Electric

General Superintendent

I decided to go exclusively with Buildforce for our staffing needs because the experience we were receiving in the contractor portal.

Jack D. at Fineline Electric

Field Superintendent

We Bring the Electrical Talent to You Within 48 Hours

Buildforce helps you staff a job with electricians quickly and reliably, then takes on the administrative work so you can focus on more important project management tasks.

Step 1: Speak with Us

A Buildforce account manager will walk you through our process for screening, placing, managing, and paying electricians.

Step 2: Request and Select

Our technology will match several electrical talent options to your job request within 48 hours. Review their profiles and select your favorites.

Step 3: Direct the Work

Buildforce manages time tracking, payroll, workers comp, and other admin tasks so you can focus on getting the project done on time and on budget.

Our Electrician Screening and Assessment Process Ensures Quality

With traditional electrical staffing agencies, there’s little to no visibility into who might show up, or what type of performance you can expect. Buildforce solves this problem by providing experienced, vetted, and reliable electricians quickly and cost-effectively.

Electrical skills assessment

Our network is the best of the best. We test for 12 discrete electrical skills as well as conduct a rigorous behavioral assessment for each electrician.

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Pulling Wire
Light Fixture Install
OH Rough
Wall Rough
Panel Install
Transformer Install
Bending Conduit
Trim Out
Additional Skills

Behavioral assessment

Our team tracks both responsiveness and reliability throughout the vetting and onboarding process for total transparency into individual performance. 

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Comprehensive Background Checks

Buildforce electricians go through a complete background and employment verification check, and drug testing as requested.

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What to Expect from Buildforce Electrical Staffing

Building relationships is key to success in our industry, so we prioritize taking the necessary steps to connect you with individuals and teams that you can collaborate with for the long term. Whether it's a one-time project or an ongoing partnership, you can trust that the outcome of working with Buildforce will include the core tenets of a job well done.


Our network is the best of the best. We test for 12 discrete electrical skills as well as conduct a rigorous behavioral assessment for each electrician.


Each electrician has passed our in-depth skills assessment process. We then match your job with the right electrician based on the project phase.


Buildforce electricians are guaranteed to show up to your job on time with their tools and PPE ready to work. If they don't, we'll give you your money back.

Electrical Staffing FAQs

What is Buildforce?

Buildforce is a new type of temporary staffing provider for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing subcontractors in commercial construction. In addition to a recruiting and account management team with decades of construction staffing experience, we have a technology team who since 2019 has developed the technology that sets Buildforce apart from other staffing agencies by helping contractors access qualified construction workers faster, simpler, and with more visibility than any traditional staffing agency could provide. To really over-simplify things, think “Uber for construction workers”.

How does pricing work with Buildforce?

Contractors pay Buildforce the temporary workers’ wages plus a markup agreed to prior to beginning our partnership. The markup on worker wages is typically in the 40% to 50% range and depends on the market. Buildforce provides an invoice on a weekly basis.

Is Buildforce an electrical staffing agency?

Buildforce provides the same temporary staffing services and similar pricing model as traditional staffing. We distinguish ourselves from traditional staffing however by the quality of our workforce as well as by the speed, simplicity, and visibility we are able to give our contractor partners through our technology.

How does Buildforce find and assess workers?

Buildforce sources workers via referrals from existing workers, trade school partnerships, and via online channels. We developed our skills assessment process with participation from accredited trade school administrators and MEP licensed business owners. We also background check and employment verify all workers on our platform.

How long will it take Buildforce to have a worker on my project?

In our main metro service areas, Buildforce can typically fulfill a request for MEP workers within 24 hours. However, the more lead time our trade partners can give us for their manpower needs, the higher certainty we have about making a high-quality placement.

What if Buildforce sends me a worker who isn’t performing?

Buildforce guarantees the quality of our workforce or your money back. If you find a worker through Buildforce and determine they won’t be a fit on your project within the first 8 hours, you can terminate their engagement and we won’t invoice you for those first 8 hours.

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