How Partners Electrical powered up their workforce with Buildforce

Brandon Henderson · Superintendent

The Challenge

Brandon Henderson, a Superintendent at Partners Electrical, is no stranger to the complexities of handling electrical projects. With his 16 years in the electrical trade, he’s taken on more and more responsibility over the course of his career. Now tasked with managing labor on up to 10 different projects at once, Brandon faces both the challenges of ever-evolving project schedules and manpower needs, along with the additional challenges of a growing an electrical subcontractor. "The way we've been expanding, we don't have any choice except to use temp electricians," Brandon shared. In fact, on one of Brandon's projects, a Mattress Firm in Houston, about half of the workers on-site ended up being Buildforce electricians.

The Buildforce Solution

Buildforce's core emphasis is to guarantee reliability and communication. Other companies, who knows if they'll show up. With Buildforce, rarely do we not get someone on site, and if we don't, they communicate it right away, Brandon emphasized. Buildforce has placed over 50 workers with Partners this year, helping drive better project outcomes for Brandon and Partners Electrical.

With Buildforce, rarely do we not get someone on site, and if we don't, they communicate it right away

Since partnering with Buildforce, Brandon has noticed a substantial difference in the quality of temporary labor. "I stopped using other temp agencies because they weren't producing," Brandon pointed out, underscoring the dependability of Buildforce. "I've found it's actually better than hiring electricians myself. A lot of people I've decided to keep on full-time with Partners," he continued, highlighting how Buildforce has helped Partners successfully grow their business.

I stopped using other temp agencies because they weren't producing

The digital Buildforce experience has also helped drive transparency as to who is being sent out and their status in the field. "I love that it tells me who’s on-site, the profiles of the electricians… who’s available when I make a request, who’s been sent an offer, and getting all the emails back confirming everything," Brandon noted. The technology even streamlines communication: "I like that I don't get hounded if I need workers because if I do, I can just put it in the app!" he added with a chuckle.

The Verdict

"It's really saved me a lot of time and made my job easier," Brandon summarized. The partnership between Buildforce and Partners Electrical wasn't just about filling roles but about delivering a seamless experience finding the right electricians. Going forward, Buildforce is ready to provide reliable placements, consistent communication, and digital transparency to Partners, and electrical sub-contractors like them, for years to come.

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