Hire, manage, and pay your electrical workforce in one place

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Hours of admin time saved per month
Cost savings relative to recruiting in-house
Projects completed by Buildforce electricians

Over 200 electrical contractors trust Buildforce to power their workforce, including...

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Why electrical contractors work with Buildforce

Eliminated administrative hassle of recruiting

We help tradesmen make more money by finding ways to save time and improve efficiency.

Reduced time to project completion

We help tradesmen make more money by finding ways to save time and improve efficiency.

Reduced project risk

We help tradesmen make more money by finding ways to save time and improve efficiency.

How Buildforce works for you

Electrician Staffing Marketplace

Tap into a pool of thousands of pre-screened electricians for your next project

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Time Tracking & Payroll

The simplest and most cost-effective solution for collecting time and paying your workforce in existence

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Workforce Management

Move away from spreadsheets and whiteboards and onto an easier and smarter system for managing your workforce across projects

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How it works

Submit a manpower request today and have an electrician on-site within 48 hours

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Speak with an account manager

A Buildforce account manager will walk you through our entire process for screening, placing, managing, and paying electricians.

Request and select electricians

Once you've submitted your first manpower request, we will share candidate profiles recommended by our matching algorithm within the next 48 hours. You select the electricians that appear to be the best fit based on their Buildforce profile.

You direct the work, we'll take care of the rest

Once you've selected electricians for your project, Buildforce will take care of time tracking, payroll, and workers compensation. Your team will be responsible to direct their work and approve time at the end of the week.

Why electrical contractors love us

“Buildforce has become our go to provider for on-demand electrical talent. Their team and technology help us meet project deadlines faster and stay within our estimated labor cost, all with less administrative hassle.”


How do you find your workers?

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Buildforce sources quality electricians from a number of channels: proprietary partnerships with accredited educational institutions, paid and organic word of mouth referrals, and online channels.

What does your pricing structure look like?

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Buildforce applies a standard markup on employee wages which helps pay for recruiting expenses, talent assessment expenses, payroll services, workers.

How do you assess skills needed to perform work?

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In conjunction with several industry partners, we spent a year developing a proprietary in-house screening process targeting the most common electrical skills employed in commercial electrical work. Every electrician on the Buildforce platform has been approved for one or more of these skills.

How much time do you need to fill an order?

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We ask for 48 hours lead time to place apprentice and journeymen electricians in our core markets of operation. Requests that fall outside of these parameters may require more lead time. 

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